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We have four networking events in the Rochester area per year in addition to our yearly holiday party.  These events are free and open to the public. We have a guest speaker, free appetizers, and it's a great forum for connecting with professionals and entrepreneurs. Click here to sign up for the People + People = Business 2 Business mailing list.

We designed these events to connect Rochester business professionals with one another.  Throughout the networking event many professionals exchange ideas, make professional recommendations, referrals and establish professional relationships.



January 28, 2014
P+P=B2B Networking Event
Pomodoro (3400 Monroe Avenue Pittsford, NY 14618)
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Past Rochester Networking Events

  • [view] December 11, 2012: Holiday Networking Event, Pomodoro Grill
  • [view] September 18, 2012: Professional Networking Event, Pomodoro Grill and Wine Bar (3400 Monroe Avenue Rochester, NY 14618)
  • [view] March 13, 2012: Networking Event, Pomodoro Grill (3400 Monroe Ave, Pittsford, NY 14534)
  • [view] December 6, 2011: Professional Networking Event - Holiday Event, Monroe's Restaurant (The Old Historic Spring House)
  • [view] October 18, 2011: Professional Networking Event, Pittsford Grill (2851 Clover Street Pittsford, NY 14534)
  • [view] June 28, 2011: Professional Networking Event, Monroe's Restaurant (3001 Monroe Ave)
  • [view] April 26, 2011: 5-7:30pm * Free Admission * Guest Speaker: Jeff Newland Sponsor: Lawley Andolina Verdi, Max of Eastman Place 25 Gibbs Street Rochester, NY 14604
  • [view] January 25, 2011: Guest Speaker: Sharon Grace/ Author, Brio Bistro, 3400 Monroe Ave Rochester, NY 14618
  • [view] December 7, 2010: Networking Event Holiday Party (Toys for Tots), Perlo's Italian Grill 202 North Washington Street East Rochester, NY 14445
  • [view] September 21, 2010: Guest Speaker: James Gay, Regional Manager, Midtown Athletic Club, Mario's Restaurant (Pittsford, NY)
  • [view] June 22, 2010: Payroll Services, Midvale Country Club
  • [view] April 27, 2010: Social Media, Pene Vino
  • [view] January 26, 2010: Business Banking/Lending - Know your Banker, Brio Bistro
  • [view] December 7, 2009: Networking Event Holiday Party, Perlo's Restaurant
  • [view] August 25, 2009: NY State Insurance Fund, Bamba Bistro
  • [view] June 30, 2009: Investment Strategies Beyond the Crash, Perlo's Restaurant

Networking Event Testimonials

  • "I've had some nice responses from the event last night. Thank you for offering me the chance to talk. I can see teh value of being there regularly, and putting something in your guest bags. I'll look into that for next time."

    Thank you,
    Jeffrey M Newland, Director
    Lifespan Boomer Mentor Project
    President, Rochester Mentors
  • "Just a note to say thank you for a very enjoyable event yesterday! It sure is growing exponentially, since you first began. You are making a very worthwhile contribution to the Rochester Real Estate and Business community!"

    Warmest Regards,
    Bill Tierney
    Nothnagle Realty
  • "P+P=B2B is the first networking event where I actually met and converted prospective clients into actual clients. Because of these events I have new clients with ongoing marketing projects and what I believe will be long-term business relationships. No other networking event that I have attended has attracted people that specifically ask me to call them for a follow up meeting if my services fit their needs. Or, have recommended my agency as frequently. It is truly a "B2B target market" for new business development."

    Krisitn Boyle
    Owner, TrueNorth Marketing
  • "Attended the event at Perlo’s last night. First time at a People to People….
    Truly a great opportunity and I thank you.
    Please let me know how I can also have us listed in your Rochester Referral Directory. Thank you in advance for your time I look forward to hearing from you."

    Nick Castronova
    Director of Sales Operations
    Oxford Capital

  • "Hi Lori, great meeting you tonight. Wonderful network event--just wonderful energy and karma there! Love your profile photo--see you again soon. best"

    Karen Mungenast
  • "I have been attending quite a few of these events and have made wonderful connections for my professional life as well as my community involvement activities. These events are fun, relaxed and helpful for my success. Thank you Lori for seeing a much needed opportunity for the Rochester area and for bringing it to fruition. "

    Beth Simpson, Ontario, NY
  • "I really enjoyed the Networking event at Midvale. I met so many nice people and made wonderful connections for my business. I am a consultant for Isagenix International and I help people get and stay healthy. I hope you will include me in your next event. Thank you so much!"

    Janet Cometa, RN
    Isagenix Consultant
  • "People+People gives professionals in our community a tremendous opportunity to network in a very organized and relaxed environment. Learning about other local businesses and sharing ideas is instrumental to our growth and success. Thanks Lori for making a difference and giving back!"

    Sharon Grace
    Author ~ Speaker ~ Child Protection Advocate
  • "Lori is a fantastic commercial real estate broker, she found the building I am working out of now and negotiated the lease that was favorable for me. I have attended all of her networking events, have met a lot of people, and find them very beneficial. She really developed a great networking event!"

    Jim Putnam
  • "The network event you organized on Tuesday was outstanding. I’ve been to a handful of other networking events hosted by other organizations, and your event was far superior."

    Matthew E. Vahue
    Recruiting Director
    Principal Financial Group
    Upstate New York Business Center
  • "Thanks for putting together a great networking opportunity. If I can help you in any way whether with your network meetings or pre-qualifying/financing a client, please let me know."

    Michael A. DeNero
    Mortgage Consultant
    CNB Mortgage, a Canandaigua National Company

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