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» Workplace Mentoring

Rochester Mentors is going on Eyes on the Future (WHAM Radio) soon to talk about how local businesses can more affordably improve performance by providing employees with mentoring experiences.

Have you had any experiences you would like to share? JeffNewland@RochesterMentors.org
Submitted by: Jeff Newland on 2011-06-13

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» Gas Prices

How do you think the increase in gas prices has effected your business and our Economy?
Submitted by: Lori Levine on 2011-06-11

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» Wake Up America!

Every six minutes a child is sexually abused somewhere in the U.S.

What are we doing about it? Does anybody care? It seems to me our news is filled with Child Sexual Abuse with the focus always on the “molester”, “the sex offender”, or the “perpetrator”. What happened to the “victim”? The young girl or boy or teenager whose life has been shattered, their innocence robbed, leaving them defenseless, and silent only to manifest the guilt, shame, and fear. The emotional effects may last forever whether they are “victimized” once or one hundred times. And yet we do not hear about the pain they are struggling with, where they go for treatment, or how their life or their family’s lives’ are significantly changed forever.

■Over 90% of the victims know their abuser. Isn’t that alarming?
■It is usually someone they know or trust!
■Child Sexual Abuse is happening in our homes, our schools, our day care centers, on the school bus, even in our churches.
■1 in 4 girls and 1in 6 boys will be sexually abused by their 18th birthday
■Every parent and child must know it is never, ever the fault of the victim – always the abuser!
The commonality amongst most parents is to be protective of our children. In many cases “overprotected”. We teach our children to look both ways before crossing the street. We teach them bike safety, car safety, and fire safety, but we sometimes fail to teach our children how to protect and defend their own bodies against these monsters that aren’t the least bit affected until they get caught and very seldom show remorse.

Let’s pay more attention to the ‘warning signs”; become better educated to empower our children with safety skills; and learn to better communicate with our children. Unless we teach our children to protect themselves they do not stand a chance.

Predators are everywhere! They prey on the innocent and the vulnerable! And yes, sometimes they are really “nice” guys!

Let’s also help support those who have suffered in silence for so long!

If we focus more an awareness and prevention consistently we would not have to worry about lifelong treatment.

Do not think it cannot happen to your child – because it can!

Anywhere! Anytime! To Anyone!

More information available at: WWW.sharongrace.com

Submitted by: Sharon Grace 'Protect All Children' on 2011-03-24

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» Walk to End Alzheimer's to support my 34 yr old sister with dementia

As many of you know, my little sister was diagnosed with dementia last year. She is only 34 and the the mother of 2 beautiful daughters. The Alzheimer's Association has been wonderful in supporting and helping my family. I am dedicated to raise enough money where people take notice and we can make people aware that dementia can affect people of such a young age.
Submitted by: Brian Sciarabba on 2011-03-23

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» What are your main business issues this week?

We would like to hear from you! How is your networking/PR efforts coming along?
Is your customer service in need of an overhaul? What are some of your challenges?
Submitted by: People + People = Business 2 Business on 2011-03-23

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» Tax filing deadline is just around the corner!

Do you get overwhelmed when it comes to filing your tax return? Let Towner Taxes help! Michelle Towner of Towner Taxes is an experienced CPA who started the business in 2010. She specializes in individual and small business tax return preparation, tax planning and bookkeeping. Michelle is located in Irondequoit, but will travel around the greater Rochester area to meet at a location that is convenient for you. Contact Michelle for more information today.

email: michelle@townertaxes.com
phone: (585) 338-9527
website: www.townertaxes.com
Submitted by: Michelle Towner on 2011-02-28

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» Customer Service

Is customer service in business diminishing in our business community? I think it is unfortunately. What are you doing to offer the best customer service to your clients? Are you experiencing lack of customer service with your vendors?
Lori Levine
Submitted by: Customer Service on 2011-02-25

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» Learning doesn't always come from a book!

Learning doesn’t always come from a book!

So much of what I know today I learned standing behind the chair doing what I did best for over forty years ~ styling hair. That was my college education. Real people, real experiences in the salon provided me my education.

It was hilarious because women never realized how their voices carried while sitting under the hair dryer. Ah! The joy of just listening. I later shared with my clients how they taught me about
He left me and came back to me!
Spit-up and diarrhea….
the difference between measles, mumps and chicken pox
Good kids, bad kids
Single moms, single dads
Strong moms, weak dads…
The difference between a soccer ball, football and a baseball, tap shoes and snow shoes.
How to pitch a tent and build a campfire – Girl Scout leader
Prom dresses, wedding dresses
even how to buy a car!

Listening can sometimes be the best form of learning and communication.

Keeping an open mind with older folks as well as young children as they express themselves creates not only a glorious vision but a whole new world.Reading a book allows us many learning opportunities but to take the time to “listen” is just brilliant.

Submitted by: Sharon Grace 'Protect All Children' on 2010-09-24

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» Great Reasons to Buy a Home NOW

It's prime time to buy a home!!

1) Home affordability is at an all-time high.
2) Mortgage rates are at rock bottom.
3) Home prices are back on the rise.
4) Sellers are motivated.
5) Financing is readily available!
6) Owning vs. renting is increasingly favorable.
7) Homeownership is still at the core of the
American Dream!
At today’s rock-bottom rates, buyers stand to
save $8,000 many times over during the course of a 30-year mortgage.
So if you are thinking of selling or buying a home, now may be the perfect time to do it! Don't wait, it won't be this favorable forever.
Contact a local real estate expert for all the details.

Chuck Hilbert
Operating Principle - Keller Williams Realty Greater Rochester
Submitted by: 7 Reasons why NOW is the a GREAT time to Buy a Hom on 2010-09-22

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» Thank You!!

I just want to thank Lori and her staff for creating these events. What an amazing way to share and meet professional people in our area. We will continue to help spread the word... and see you at Perlo's!!!
Submitted by: Heidi Crimmins on 2010-09-22

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» Great turn out

According to our register we had 168 attendees Tuesday night at our event at Mario's. Mario's served some wonderful food and Jim Gay from Midtown Athletic Club did an inspiring talk about family, work and fitness. I hope all that attended found it to be fun and made great connections as well.
Look forward to our Holiday Event in December (Toys for Tots), Keep posted!
Submitted by: Networking Event Sept 21st on 2010-09-22

    Angela Territo Coaching
    What an incredible event! Great turnout plus lots of interesting people from many professions willing to network and promote each other! I highly recommend attending the next event! Great job Lori & staff!
    Submitted by: Angela Territo on 2010-09-22

» Play to Win

I learned this from my mother – play to win.

My mother is now 93 years old. She lives by herself in a nice house in Miami. She keeps busy all day long, staying sharp physically and intellectually. My mother is still playing to win. I’ve never seen my mother play not to lose.

I remember distinctly the day I realized that my mother was a person with vision that would take our family beyond our immediate circumstances. One day, while I was in college, my mother (Mami) and father (Papi) and I were out in our front yard raking leaves. Papi, who was accountant for General Foods, said that he had seen a new housing development a few miles away. Those houses were better, he said, because they had central air and a garage, and our house had neither. Papi then suggested, “Why don’t we sell this house, and move into one of those?” This was courageous on his part, because we had emigrated from Cuba only six years before, and we already owned our home. Mami, however, showed her vision, her eternal optimism. She responded: “We should keep this house, rent it out and raise enough cash for a down payment for the new house, so we have two!” Papi said, “How do we do that?” Mami said: “You’re the accountant, figure it out…” Papi did just that; he put together sufficient capital to purchase the better home, and kept our first house as a rental property. Once you do it the first time, just repeat the formula. Mami and Papi built up a beautiful nest egg of rental properties.

When they decided to retire to Miami, my parents found what the home they wanted in Coral Gables, which to me is the most beautiful of all neighborhoods. Papi used to recount with glee that when he was ready to go to settlement on their retirement property, the real estate agent asked: “Mr. Martínez, how will you finance your new home?” Papi replied, “I’ll write you a check.” The agent: “Yes, I know, that’s for the down payment. But have you secured a mortgage?” Papi, who had only been a cost accountant working a clerical job, replied: “No, I’m going to write you a check.” The agent, incredulous: “Mr. Martínez, just what is it that you do?”

In sports car racing we say: “Don’t look at the wall. If you look at the wall, you’ll hit it.” Stated more positively, place your eyes where you want to be on the track, and your hands will drive you there. Taking a page from my mother’s racing log book, I have expanded my business and opened an office in Miami, because I’m looking at where I want to be – that is, I’m looking at the opportunities found in Miami, a growing economy, a community of optimists led by many Hispanic executives from all over the Americas.

Are you bound by current circumstances? Or are you playing to win?

Submitted by: Luis Martinez on 2010-09-15

    Great story
    Mr. Martinez, that was a great story.
    Submitted by: Kim on 2011-02-28

    A very wonderful story I agree Kim
    Luis always has something note worthy to say
    Submitted by: Luis Martinez on 2011-03-06

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